Career Management Plan

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Career Management Plan

Rhunda Mitchell

University of Phoenix

HRM 531

Instructor Ziegler

InterClean/EnviroTech Career Management Plan for New Employee’s


Here at InterClean/Enviro Tech we strive to encourage growth and career development of our employees by coaching and by helping employees achieve their personal goals

The Purpose of this report is to inform the staff of the career management plan for the new employees. As part of the merger of Interclean/Envirotech the company has decided to create a career management plan for new employees, a career management plan is a plan that has been developed to help managers guide their staff in a positive direction, which in turn helps the employees to become successful the plan here at Inerclean/Envirotech includes setting goals, assessing those goals and devising plans to reach those goals. The manager of this new team, number one goal is to make sure that all employees know what is expected of them and then to facilitate performance. This report will explain how feedback is given to each employee, what opportunities are provided to the employee after the feedback is given, how the organization will help the employee reach a higher level of performances, The opportunities for advancement, such as educational opportunities to increase skills or promotions, the flexible opportunities that are available for dual career parents, it will also explain adaptation to team diversity in term of each person’s career and how each member will be handled, and the expected benefits and types of cost for the career management plan.

Feedback: Here at Interclean/Envirotech feedback is extremely important so that employees can recognize the tasks that are being completed incorrectly as well as correctly.

Feedback on all aspects of performance from employees will be provided in a timely manner. All employees will receive feedback about their performance and...