Victoria Court Situational Analysis

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Situational Analysis:

* Motel also known as Motor hotels is defined as roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside. The presumption of Motels is that malicious activities take place in that type of environment because of the affordable prices and standard quality provided to motorist instead of going to a Hotel with high prices. The Stigma has created a stereotype for most motels in the Philippines because of certain malicious activities actually happening in motels.

* Victoria court has been established since 1976, since then they are leading in the industry through their constant change of brand image. From the stigma of being a motel to transitioning to a classy Motel, ( their strategy is to reposition themselves as a high-end, high-quality drive-in lodge.

* The locations of Victoria court also contributes to that bad image.

* Surrounded by other motels is a direct competitor for Victoria Court Therefore Management decided ( Product Development as a strategy instead of competing head-on in lowering prices. Product development includes upgrading facilities and introducing themed motifs to target a different segment of the market.

* Employees during the process of changing brand image did not believe that it will help change the persecution of people.

Problem Statement:

* How will Victoria Court communicate to the Public that they are not part of the stigma Motels?

* How can Victoria Court change the perception of the public to not Stereotype them as a “Malicious Motel”?

Internal and External PR and Marketing strategies done in order to battle the Stigma:

Through the years of criticism, Victoria Court Management developed a program to slowly deteriorate the stereotype perception...