Decisions in Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise, Part I


Decisions in Paradise, Part I

After reading the business scenario, the following issues that appear to be of concern for establishing an organization in Kava are frequent natural disasters, the economy, environment safety, technology, culture influence, and political affairs. The potentials for development in humanitarian, public relations, and expanding into the global economy could prove a benefit for the organization and Kava. The first objective of the organization is to begin researching the facts of major concerns that will influence the business, stakeholders, and Kava. The next objective is to become familiar with the culture and environment to ensure the organization will transition by means of quality, value, and respect. The last objective in the initial observation process is to analyze the opportunity cost for the organization and economic growth in Kava. Strategic management proposes the capability of achieving objectives and goals for the organization to originate. The leaders involved in the transition of the organization establishing in Kava will require comprehensive training of critical thinking methods to alleviate perceptions and culture habits that may consequence the organization presence.

Identifying internal and external forces are important factors in the observation process to compile a comprehensive analysis. Defining the problems internal and external forces have on the organization and in Kava are the first step to assess solutions and probable results. Evaluating potential barriers entail researching problems that will impinge on the organization establishment in Kava. An outline of a strategic plan of alternatives will make certain solutions are accessible in the event of a problem (Gary & Goodpaster, 2007). The foremost external forces influencing the organization presence in Kava are the conditions of the environment, stakeholders, financial costs, and culture...