Online Voting System

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Online Voting System

ECE345 – Senior Design

Project #4


Sanghun Chi

TA: Matthew Olson



The purpose of this project is to provide an online voting system for the ECE department. The ECE department has so far been using a paper voting system, which made it difficult for full participation and lack of automated style. The online voting system will help improve these difficulties by providing automated system through any web browser. The website will provide two user-level accesses: voter and administrator. The voters can vote on a particular subject and view the current polls. The administrators can create polls or delete polls from the database. The system will also keep track of non-voters so that proper notifications can be sent to those users upon deadline. This system will provide an up-to-date result of the poll while providing a simple interface for both administrators and voters.

This project will be useful in two ways. It will provide an easier system for the ECE department than traditional voting system and it will also help me gain/improve my experience in web technologies. The following will be used to create this system: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CGI/Perl and mySQL.

Project Functions and Goals

• User login system and secure administrator login system

• User registration system into the database.

• Add/delete polls under administration privilege.

• Provide graphical output of the poll result.

• Email system may be implemented to notify non-voters of the deadline.

• Interface to ECE department’s database may be implemented.

Block Diagram


Table 1 (user interface and database interface)


Table 2a. (first stage)


Table 2b. (second stage for user)


Table 2c. (second stage for adm)


Table 2d. (second stage for poll; same for poll_2, poll_3 and etc.)...