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Business Ethics Case: The National Enquirer, Inc.

University of Phoenix

Business Law BUS415

Business Ethics Case: The National Enquirer, Inc.

The National Enquirer, Inc. is a Florida corporation with its principal place of business in Florida. The National Enquirer is a national weekly newspaper that publishes more than 5 million copies. Of the 5 million copies sold, 600,000 copies are sold in the next highest level state of California. Shirley Jones is an entertainer and a California resident who filed a lawsuit in California against the National Enquirer and its president who was a resident of Florida for publishing an article about her. The California lawsuit that Shirley Jones filed sought damages for alleged defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Based in Florida, the National Enquirer is a national magazine also known as a tabloid or newspaper that from time-to-time prints dishonest news or stories about people. The largest distribution of this national magazine is in California. This national magazine is careless and has no interest of how their dishonesty affects the people behind the story.

As an actress in California the respondent Shirley Jones resides and works in her hometown California. The petitioners, the National Enquirer chose to write, edit, and publish an article about Shirley Jones containing unfounded material about the respondent being an alcoholic. Even though the article was written, edited, and published in Florida Shirley Jones file lawsuit in California. The petitioners attempted to challenge the suit and the jurisdiction of the court to try the case, because they stated the court did not have personal jurisdiction over the National Enquirer because they were based in the state of Florida. Regardless of where the petitioners reside Shirley Jones lives in California. The National Enquirer in my opinion is unethical to...