Organizational Impact Paper

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Organizational Impact Paper


April 4, 2013

Professor Raltz


Companies that lead the market incorporate innovation. Innovation will boost a competitive advantage for companies that will lead to success in their industry. Many individual’s come up with innovative ideas but don’t seem to take the next step. This paper will discuss that creativity, innovation, and design is just a portion that contributes to a successful product or service. Implementing processes and procedure are major components to launch a specific product or service. I will discuss three companies that had proved they implemented these ideas and process. Apple and McDonald’s have proved their success through leading there markets currently or at one point.


Apple is a top-leading company in its industries. Apple has creative innovators and leadership that implements a solid strategic plan to reach their success. Apple uses one of Michael Porters two generic competitive strategies and expands on it. Apple uses differentiation for their product, and they focuses on more of a broad mass market. They produce computers, professional software, digital music products, cell phones, mobile media, and computing devices. In 1971 childhood friends Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs completed, and sold their Apple’s first computer the Apple1 (History A. ). The Apple computer was a bust, so Jobs and Wozinak came out with the Apple 2. The Apple 2 was launched, and it became a success. That was the launch off for Apple Company. Since risk takers Wozniak and Jobs experimented and failed, they have found other alternatives that have been successful. In fact, there products are leading the market in every category. In the cellular phone industry, they have about 5 different variations of their iPhone, which include the iPhone 3, 3s,4,4s, and the iPhone 5. Other companies that would be considered threats would be the Droid, Blackberry, Galaxy, and Notebook. They also have their own...