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Project Management Organizational Structures Paper


June 10, 2010

Project Management Organizational Structures Paper

As companies grow in size, and expand in locations or allocate more expenses, the organization become more complicated to run and operate. The smaller the organization the less complex to operate and the company structure are simpler.

Logically small business may perhaps not have a formal structure. As an alternative of subsequent organizational charts or particular job functions, individuals merely complete tasks according to need as the need arises. Rules, policies and guidelines are either not common and exists only to provide the parameters within which the organizations employees are able to make decisions. Small organizations often are unrefined systems (Kerzner, 2006).

Functional Structure

The functional arrangement teams positions into units based on expertise, related behaviors, work skills, and available resources, and also Production, marketing, economics, and human resources are ordinary elements inside a functional structure.

A functional structure, the simplest approach, emanates well-defined communication channels and authoritative responsibility relationships. However, the functional structure has various downsides that with which some organizations are not able to deal.

The functional structure can produce a narrowed perspective, because of the break up of the different branch work groups managers might have a difficult time connecting to marketing, which is frequently in a completely dissimilar work group department, therefore expectation or reacting to the change consumer ask for might be tough, and also cooperation and communication lack may happen.

Pure Product

Pure product organizations consist of divisions within divisions and develop only where...