Motivation Plan

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Design an organization motivation plan that encourages:

a. High job satisfaction

b. Low turnover

c. High productivity

d. High- quality work

Having great employees can give one of the greatest competitive advantages to businesses. In order to improve job satisfaction, performance, and quality, the organization designs the following motivation plan:

* Provide positive working environment

The organization will ensure to provide employees with the positive and stable working environment. For physical environment, the organization promise to provide clean, bright, and safe working areas. The organization has an open door policy for all employees and will provide fair performance appraisal quarterly. The organization will provide the basic needs for workers in order to help create a good work/life balance.

* Worker involvement

Suggesting Box Program: let the workers make suggestions and comments and choose one each month to be showcase in the company newsletter. This program helps with employee attention to the information in the company newsletter.

Safety Committees Program: all concerns, suggestion, and program regard to safety will be reported to the safety committees. This program is to reduce accidents in work place and improve attendance and productivity.

* Reward and recognition

Production Bonus Program (group-based program): The program is trigger when the assembly and technology department produce products above the expect benchmark with three percents or less of defectives. This program is for assembly and technology department only.

Quarterly Sale Bonus: Any sale person that reaches 120% of their quarterly goal will receive addition three hundred dollar bonus to their pay.

End-of- the- Year Bonus (Profit Sharing) Program: rewards employees for increased organizational profits. The more profit made, the more money that is available for distribution to employees through profit sharing (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, &...