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Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Smart Marketing Strategy

from Jean M. Gianfagna

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You are here: Home / Branding Strategy / Branding in the Package: Lessons from Apple’s Master Marketers

Branding in the Package: Lessons from Apple’s Master Marketers


My new Apple iPad is a technology dream, creating a web experience unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Like all Apple products, it’s driven by brilliant engineering and extraordinary user-friendliness. It’s also a case study in branding excellence.

Here’s how Apple used its product packaging to deliver on its brand promise and support a smart marketing strategy.

Simplicity: Apple’s look is always simple and clean and the packaging for the iPad is true to the brand. The art on the cover of the box is a life-size photo of the product inside. No words, no sell copy. Since this is exactly what the customer can’t wait to get their hands on, it’s the perfect marketing message, building anticipation and making the product the star. The only other art on the package is the Apple logo and the product name on the sides of the box. The product specs (16GB, 3G, etc.) and copyright are hidden on the back at the bottom. Nothing gets in the way of the brand.

Consistency: The packaging and the product are as beautiful, clean, and easy to access as every other Apple product. Opening this box felt just like opening the package for my iPhone and my iPod, and this trademark simplicity and consistency are exactly what Apple buyers want and expect from the company. Even the accessories in the box are familiar. The iPad uses the same USB cable as other Apple products.

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