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I am an accountant in iDesign Sdn Bhd. I take the position of an audit manager of the company which responsible to assist the director to develop and execute the annual audit plans for the company. Sometimes I also help in adjusting the annual budget, as we can see, an over budget plan may lead to financial problem to a company. As an accountant and an audit manager for the company, I needed to create an organized database and accounting system by keeping track of every record of the company.

iDesign Sdn. Bhd. is a company in an online printing sector which produces high quality of all type of printings. Examples of type of printing are full color or black and white name cards, cards, leaflets, letterheads, stickers, paper bags and many more which related to paper printing. The company’s most popular product is name card. The company provides services such as helping customer to design the patent of their choice of the name card which will be charge according to type of services. After the designing process, it is send to the Printing Department. The printing process is the fastest process compared to these three processes.

For the Delivery Department, the department has to delivery the order on time. The company will charge the delivery cost according to the distance from our office. If the order is going to pick up by customer, the pick up venue will be at our office. The delivery staff uses motor vehicles, normally van, to deliver the orders.

Organization Chart



Delivery Department

Printer Department

Designer Department

Assistant Manager

Project Manager

Audit Manager