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Week 1: Overview

Introduction to the Weekly Schedule

Each week you will see this short introductory section. The purpose of the section is to orient you to the information that you will be reading that week. At the bottom of each week's introduction, there are links to the chapter overviews for that week (you can also access the chapter overviews by clicking on the links in the column to the left). These chapter overviews contain comments on the information found in the textbook, and sometimes add information not found in the textbook.

Typically, you will not have chapter overviews for The Heart of Change book by Kotter and Cohen. However, toward the end of the course, you will be required to write an integrative graduate-lelve paper in which you will discuss how the Kotter and Cohen materials relate to the themes in the Ivancevich textbook. More information on this assignment can be found in the course syllabus.

In addition to reading the overviews, you are responsible for a number of different types of assignments each week. These assignments can be accessed by clicking on each of the links to the left of this column. For example, to see the readings for the week, click on the "Readings" link. You must check every link in the left-hand column each week to ensure that you complete all the assignments for that week. Instructions on how to submit the assignments are found in each assignment.

The link "Instructor Notes" might possibly contain important comments from your course instructor. This is one of several ways an instructor can communicate with his/her class. You are responsible for all instructions and for understanding any information contained in these notes. Should you have questions about those instructions, you can mail the instructor using the Course Mail tool found in the navigation bar to the left.

Week 1

This unit covers chapters 1-3 in the textbook and the Introduction and Step 1 in Kotter and Cohen's book. The readings introduce you to...