Union Effects on Middle Class

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Unions play a vital role in the United States and around the world. Unions help workers get better wages, benefits and work rules. As we see a decline in union memberships we also see a decline in the middle class and their wages. Companies have started becoming harder to deal with when it comes to negotiations with the unions. States are making it easier for people to have a choice on joining a union or not. Lastly, unions have not had the best reputation in the past, which now tends to hurt the membership levels. We can clearly see the cause and effect that is playing on the future of our middle class.

In today’s economy, the union plays a vital role on the middle class. As unions are in a decline we also see a decline in the middle class. What are the causes that affect the middle class? According to American Worker Project (2011), unions protect workers wages, help get training and give them a political voice. Over these last few years though we have seen a decline in union works. States have also started to become Right-to-Work states, giving workers the options to join or not.

According to American Worker Project (2011), “Across the globe, the countries with the strongest middle classes all have strong union movements. Unions typically help workers receive higher pay wages and better benefits. Working as a group, unions are able to approach their employer together to engage in negotiations for fair pay and benefits. According to American Worker Project (2011) in 1980 “Demonstrating equity generally means that a company’s pay rates compare favorably with those of unionized companies… in other words, unions are doing much good for people who do not pay them any dues”. According to Lawrence (2012), “most studies show that some unions have increased their members’ wages substantially, whereas other unions have not done so at all”. As there is a decrease in the unions, wages have been in a steady decline.

As unions become less popular with...