His/135 Enviromental Movement

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Environmental Movement Matrix

Choose five items from the following list and identify their significance during the 1970s:

|Cuyahoga River, OH (Cleveland) fire 1969 |Conservationism vs. environmentalism |

|Love Canal |Acid rain |

|Silent Spring |Ozone layer |

|Population Bomb |Rainforests |

|Endangered Species Act (1966, 1969, & 1973) |Depletion of fossil fuels |

|Clean Water Act (1972, 1977) |Climate change |

|Event |Significance |

|Cuyahoga River |The Cuyahoga river became so polluted at one time that the river would catch fire, which inspired congress to |

| |pass the environmental protection act. |

|Population Bomb |This was a book written in the late sixties that predicted that millions of people were going to starve to |

| |death in the seventies and eighties, because of such a rise in the population of the world. This theory has |

| |been reinvented several times. |

|Love canal |An area of Niagra NY. That was considered the most contaminated area in the U.S. President Carter...