Project Management: Project Procurement and Design

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Procurement Categorized

Project Procurement Management

March 3, 2013

Procurement Categorized

ABC Corporation recently introduced a pet sitting service at work for employees. During the inception planning I was assigned project manager of the Cat-Walk, a small 12’X12’ exercise space for the pets. The plan began with procurement of shrubbery, decorative bricks, a fire hydrant replica, and railroad ties to fill the aesthetics of the space. The beginning plan detailed will give project managers a better understanding of the project procurement process as well as the overall impacts associated with project success. The review produced generic families in which procurements were categorized which showed the importance procurement had on the overall project management process.

Understanding the project procurement process can be done by adhering to certain concerns. For example some could argue that not all goods required by a project need to be purchased, some items could be rented for a much lower price than a full buy-out. Determining the most cost-effective solution could save the project budget in the end. This is known as the first step in the procurement process: Plan Procurements (PMBOK, 2013). The Planning stage comes to a finale with the creation of the Request for Proposal commonly referred to as the RFP.

Once the RFP is created the project manager enters the second stage of the procurement process: Conducting Procurements. During this stage the team went to several pet stores and flower nurseries to see what suppliers had to offer. It was imperative to understand the needs of the project and determine the absolutely necessary to the nice-to-have items. When planning for the Cat-Walk it was vital to research in depth all the services and products suppliers offered. After researching and making a few phone calls Petsmart was willing to donate 3 fire hydrant replicas if...