Personal Responsibility

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Even though sometimes you need help to achieve, Personal responsibility is just what it is because If you take personal responsibility you can achieve and Success comes with strong personal responsibility.

I do believe that parents and teachers need to stress the importance of personal responsibility to children and adolescents. I have noticed that many children seem to focus on personal entertainment like video games and TV but they are missing out on the opportunities available to them at large to begin developing a sound sense of responsibility. Personal responsibility is not just what we do for ourselves to stay a float, it's what we give back to society to better the life experience of all persons involved in our sphere.

Personal responsibility, particularly as it relates to study skills, is taking control of your own learning.  It is about completing assignments on time, studying for tests, taking the responsibility for your own learning mistakes or failures, and performing to the best of your ability.  Personal responsibility recognizes the importance of students and teachers as education partners but puts the student in charge of their own.

Homework is assigned for many reasons but primarily to practice a new skill or to extend classroom learning opportunities.  Teachers want students to independently apply new learning, manage their time effectively and/or build confidence in their understanding and application of information.  Some teachers grade homework, while others merely acknowledge its completion.  Regardless the completion of assigned tasks demonstrates effective study skills and is an important quality of personal responsibility.  Parents and teachers generally grant more freedom and privileges to students who fulfill their learning responsibilities.

Your self along with your teacher, are your partners in the educational process.  Your parents want you to do well in school and in life.  It is part of their role as parents to monitor...