The Processing Technology of Rotary Kiln

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Direct reduction at home and abroad mostly use high grade of iron ore and pellets, get product is contain a small amount of gangue sponge iron, as blast furnace, converter or electric furnace materials. In our country, the main use of rotary kilnas the main process method, due to the relative lack of natural gas on base technique for production of direct reduced iron limited; And China"s coal reserves are very rich, the resource conditions make coal base direct reduction process in our country to rapid development. In coal base direct reduction process, the rotary kiln method is the main process method, accounting for coal base direct reduction of more than 90% of the total.Rotary kiln is one of the widely used thermal non-ferrous metallurgy factory equipment. Non-ferrous metallurgy process, all kinds of materials such as concentration, flux, solid fuels, all kinds of slag material and so on, often need to dry the ability after charging, dry material is the main equipment of rotary kiln. Rotary kiln or some specific smelting non-ferrous metallurgy process of the main equipment, as some difficult choose oxide copper used in the process of segregation of segregation rotary kiln; Sand baked zinc leaching residue of zinc, lead, tonggu slag, the wind in the rotary kiln.At present the processing technology of siderite research mainly re-election, roasting a magnetic separation, alkali leaching a oxidation method and alkaline medium electrochemical treatment, direct reduction etc. Yugoslavia mish jie dressing plant, the mill a and Carl dressing plant using re-election method obtained a good indicator of the concentrate; Domestic jisco and shaanxi large XiGou using roasting a magnetic separation, magnetization roasting a magnetic separation a reverse flotation method of dealing with siderite success, but the treatment of siderite belong to relatively pure black band.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining...