Boarding Horses

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The reason to start this business is because of our love for horses. We want to give horses a happy home, a place where they will be comfortable and an area where their owners can come and spend time with them. Boarding horse(s) here on our facility will allow the owners to feel secure and know their horses will have only the best care. We want our boarders to feel that they are always welcome to see their pet, their animal, their baby. We want all boarders to see and feel that our facility is not just about being a business but, how we are concerned about the well-being of their horse(s). This is a family business that loves horses and will treat them as if they were our own.

 We offer our customers multiple monthly boarding packages. We understand it is very expensive to own a horse and maintain proper care of them. We also understand some horses are easy boarders and some are not. Our solution is to offer only a few boarding options, while providing what’s right for the individual horse(s), especially when an owner isn’t available. A few examples are; full board, pasture, self, semi-board and all inclusive. Full board is self-explanatory; while self and semi-board are further detailed on our contract papers. All boarders are asked to sign all contracts prior to delivery of their horse(s).

Our goal is to maintain a business that allows us to enjoy our time with horses and see that all owners are pleased as well. To have a happy horse the boarding facility has to be a safe environment, spacious and allow the boarders room to enjoy their time. We have been successful by listening to boarders and practice common courtesy.

The facility includes covered box stalls with paddocks; mucked twice daily, turn out time by owner’s request, fed age appropriate pellets or grain and hay per owners request, access to a tack room and shower stalls. All horses will have some form of a plaque or bulletin board on their stall with a feeding schedule and mucking schedule and/or...