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What is propaganda? A general message designed persuade the audience to act and think a certain way.

Propaganda is a part of everyday life, it also forms public opinion. Our news, movies and music videos are full of propaganda. I have seen plenty of propaganda on all the news. Basically, it’s everywhere. Everywhere you turn its some type of propaganda. The commercials about smoking and what it does to your body. All that is false, scare people. There are different techniques of propaganda such as snob appeal- this technique involves making a claim that one should act or think a certain way because of its high status. Another technique is called unreliable testimonial- involves having an unqualified person endorse a product, or an action. Also undefined terms is another technique it promotes or challenges an opinion by so words that are vague or useless.

Television advertising has both explicit and subtle propaganda. People who are enjoying the advertised products are shown in appealing way. Such as the cigarette advertisement. It is designed to get people to stop buying and smoking cigarettes. There is no scientific fact that you will lose your voice or your hair if you continue smoking. Let’s not forget the radio and internet has also made it much easier for special interest group to get their messages out to the masses on a worldwide scale. Some advertisement are considered obvious examples of and covert propaganda because they have taken the appearance of objective information. Over the years the media has been plagued with all kinds of problems such as scandals about manipulation.