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The reason why the proponent choose to do the pizza banana

restaurant, because of now adays the most people interested western culture

including the food style of western. Realize the new flavor for Filipino people.

The business emphasize the new flavor and exotic for attractive for the customer.

The business is small and low investment. We have only one product line but we

Have different flavors to be offers like, chocolate, cinnamon, and peanut butter.

We want to open a small pizza business, because of there are three possible

outcomes, resounding success, minimal success or failure. Help maximize your

chances for success. Find a suitable location for a pizza business using

demographics, and other valuable information Avoid the most common pitfall.

develop new recipes that will become my license. That means considering

all possible consequences of any action take and through organization of effort,

move forward as quickly and effectively as possible. To start and organize any

restaurant business and get the most from efforts must set goals. The targets

market are students, health conscious person of any age or sex, curious and


The history of our business was only simple. The proponent decided to

named it JUANITA BANANA just because it sounds a real Filipina with a huge

dreams to have a Small business. Since the proponents are all girls, they derived

it from what they are. Juanita is a local Filipino name for a woman which

symbolized simplicity and serenity.


The proponent believe if you trait people “just right” then success is

sure to follow. Food customers crave, at prices they can afford with service they

can’t stop talking.


JUANITA BANANA creates a friendly and pleasant environment for

customers in a well- designed and productive environment in which people can

work happily....