Nutrition and Health Worksheet

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Nutrition and Health Worksheet

Use Ch. 1 of Contemporary Nutrition, Ch. 2 of Visualizing Nutrition, supplemental course materials, the University Library, the Internet, or other resources to answer the following questions. Your response to each question should be 75 to 100 words.

|What is nutrition? Why is nutrition essential to our daily lives? |

|Nutrition can be defined as foods, or the minerals, vitamins, and other nourishing substances that they contain. It is essential |

|to have a well-balanced nutrition for your body to function. Proper nutrition is the fuel that your body needs daily to |

|function, waking up in the morning and having a healthy breakfast is the key followed by a good nutritional lunch and dinner, |

|with a few small snacks in between. Exercise should be part of someone daily lifestyles as well. The book defines nutrition to |

|be the study of the food substances vital for health and the study of how the body uses these substances to promote and support |

|growth, maintenance, and reproduction of cells. |

|What is the connection between nutrition and health? |

|What you are what you eat? This is an old phrase that holds truth. Imagine your body as it were to be a Formula One multimillion|

|race car Putting a low grade fuel and oils would not make this car run to its ultimate performance. Your body is the same, a |

|well balance and nutritional food is will allow it to run to its optimum performance. Healthy eating habits are the key. |

|Dieting is not an answer, keeping a proper healthy habits of eating and exercise is the key, |