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I. Does Tim Westergren have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If you were one of Tim´s friends back when he was first thinking about his idea, would you have told him to go for it or to forget it?

Tim is very active since his youth in team sports. And there he always takes the captain role of the time. And this is not because he chooses this position himself. His peers always select him for this position. The same we see in his student dorm, there he takes a leading position as well by becoming the president of the dorm. Later on, we see he also takes the leading position in his band.

What is very entrepreneurial characteristic of Tim is that he does not like to be controlled, for example with the piano lessons. He loves to play, but especially when he can improvise his own play.

We can conclude that he has some leading skills. But is this enough to get control on his unfocused view on the world and the low discipline level he has? And is he willing to commit himself for such a long time to one certain thing? That is what we actually doubt about if he would be our friend.

With the plan Tim starts, we would not advice him to start up the business. Since his knowledge of doing business is minimal and the way of operating is not foolproof at that moment. Simply, because the idea has not been structured enough yet to make it to a business that can operate and can generate money at all. Therefore, we would recommend him to first completely put his idea on paper, then collect the partners like Jon and Will around him and start operating with the three of them.

II. How do you feel about how Tim built the founding team? What are the strengths and weaknesses you see concerning the team?

First of all, with Jon Kraft he had a person that was very interested in the business and had a solid knowledge on how to set up your own business due to his recently sold company Sequoia. That was backed by one of the largest venture capital companies in...