Tourette Syndrome

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Raj C Parpani

English 1A


July31, 2013

Tourette’s syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome is a disease which is found one in a thousand. The Syndrome is a very rare neurological disease causing repeated involuntary movements and uncontrollable vocal sounds called ‘tic’ in an individual. In 1885 a French neurologist brought forward the facts about the existence of this illness and reports showed that the illness is also caused by genetics between the parent and the child. As far as when it comes to a survey about which sex is affected about the illness more, research reports have jumped to a conclusion that males have more chances compared to females. A lot of neurologists are still working on researching about the fact that really causes this disorder and a break of link between the brain and the nerves located inside the brain. Every group of surgeons have come up with facts about this illness, some of which are true and can be relied on, some reports make claims that are really controversial and don’t carry enough evidence to support itself. The person affected by this illness may seem to look crazy and not fit for a field of career, but in reality this illness can lead to the growth of some really creative skills and if the individual is really good at something, he/she can be very capable of achieving a high degree of success in that field.

When a Tourette syndrome has an individual, you will notice some strange things in a person’s behavior. The individual tends to make some really strange movements and sounds which are called ‘tics’. The most common form of tics which you will see in the individual include throat clearing and blinking which occur with other neurological problems like ADHD, anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. If an individual is really suffering from it, symptoms are seen in the person’s early stages of growth. As the person grows older, the more it starts taking control of the person and soon the individual will...