Social Performance

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Princesita Schmidt

Business And Society 475

June 31, 2013

Social Performance

Social performance in any organization is a key factor that determines the relationship between the organization and its environment. Environment in this case is the society, which consists of the consumers, the suppliers, stakeholders and the government. Upon reviewing the company’s culture and way of working, it was concluded that the company was at par and that its social performance was great. However, as a matter of concern, the area of social performance needed some urgent changes and improvements. Businesses grow by improving on their current status such as way of production, staff etc. Therefore, it is quite essential for the company to improve its relationship with stakeholders both primary and secondary (Jones & Fleming, 2003).

In order to do so, the organization has to consider the current stakeholders and review their relationship and the corresponding influence/importance they have to the company. To any organization, stakeholders play a crucial role. They consist of groups or institutions which are most likely to be affected either positively or negatively by the outcome of a particular action taken by the organization. Furthermore, they have the capacity to influence the outcome of any project (Planning Tools, 2013). The company has the identified that for any project to be sustainable there has to be the active involvement of the civil society. For the past few years, public involvement in the company has introduced a range of ideas, expertise and experiences that have facilitated the positive outcome and success of the company.

The company has a close relationship with investors and stakeholders to ensure that its strategies, actions and projects are all inclusive of the civil society. Currently, there are two types of stakeholders; the primary ones and the secondary ones. The primary stakeholders are those investors who are directly...