Sales and Inventory System

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1. It takes time to look customer information and history of recent orders on a filing cabinet, sometimes some of the files are missing.

2. Expenses of the day should be log on a notebook. Employee’s tend to forget what specific activities they spent money.

3. Sales are log in a notebook; it takes time to gather data to monitor the sales.

4. Purchased orders from the suppliers that are labeled as expenses are not filed properly or kept, these filed are important to estimate the expenses in profit of the company.

5. Blocks that are sold, transferred, and void items are not properly check and log on the notebook. It is not monitor or check if the products are missing in the inventory.


1. To have customer management, to create, update or delete customers. For regular customer, set a whole sale price. Monitor customers and accounts receivable.

2. To have Monitor payments, to monitor made through purchased orders and payments by customers with sales invoice.

3. To have Sales Invoice, create sales invoice for regular and new customer. History of all invoice and its specific items are kept for monitoring for safety and warranty.

4. To have purchased orders, make purchase orders to the supplier in case stocks are in critical level. P.O are recorded and the payment history for later tracing.

5. To have Product History Tracking, monitor history of all products. A simple deduction and addition will tell if something is missing from the inventory.