Mgt/521 Week 5 Team Leadership Memo

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Team Leadership Memo

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MGT 521


Doris Savron

Team Leadership Memo

TO: Jane Doe

FROM: Your Name Here

DATE: July 21st, 2013

SUBJECT: Project Team Leadership

SUMMARY: Our Company has added a new department as part of the strategic plan for a particular market segment. Upon receiving the responsibility of being the new department’s lead manager, I have put together this team leadership plan that will evaluate the individuals, including myself, based on several measurable criteria. An evaluation of the current situation in regards to urgency, culture, and other factors is included in this memorandum. Additionally, my ideal leadership approaches, principles, and methodologies will also be included, as well as the theories, guidelines, and best practices I am using.

I like to request your full attention as I list the steps in my leadership plan. I will also request meetings and conferences with you and the new department in the very near future to analyze and critique my plan, as well as to brainstorm for new and more efficient ideas. The meetings will be crucial in successfully leading the new team and will help materialize the new goals and objectives of our organization.

As we embark on new market segments, there needs to be proven practices, strategies, and ample management in place. Since our organization is venturing on an entirely new platform, we will need to effectively and carefully asses all areas so that we can achieve our objectives using our best performance but our performances are also correlated with team management. This memorandum will entail my blueprint on how to achieve just that. Moreover, each of our members, including me, will also be required to perform a self-personality assessment test. The test results will be analyzed by our Human Resources Employee Assistance Team to give us an idea of where we are currently at in terms of personalities. A quick summary of what is included is outlined in...