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Discrimination Worksheet

Write a 100- to 200-word response to each of the following questions. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

• What is discrimination? How is discrimination different from prejudice and stereotyping?

Prejudice refers to negative judgements and/or views about a group formed without knowledge, thought, or reason. A stereotype is a(n) (often negative) generalisation about a group based upon samples that do not represent the group, in which the generalisation becomes so well-known, it becomes a “conventional image” for the group in question, often accepted as truth by the illogical bunch. Stereotypes could be a form of prejudice if they are negative generalisations. Discrimination is the act of excluding a group from some right, privilege, or service *based upon* prejudice and stereotyping.

• What are the causes of discrimination?

Discrimination is defined as prejudicial treatment of a person based on the group or category they belong in. The various causes of discrimination include the race of an individual, ethnicity, age, gender or sex and colour.

Discrimination is brought about by different racial backgrounds, religion, sex, different cultural views and backgrounds and politics. One's identity is the major source of discrimination in the world today where they are denied their human rights.

• How is discrimination faced by one identity group (race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability) the same as discrimination faced by another? How are they different?

Groups which people belonged to were an important source of pride and self-esteem. [ Groups give us a sense of social identity: a sense of belonging to the social world. In order to increase our self-image we enhance the status of the group to which we belong. For example, England is the best country in the world! We can also increase our self-image by discriminating and being...