Companies Who Utilize Data Warehousing - 2013

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Data Warehouse / Data Mining—762

Assignment #1

Dakota State University

The Company: Sabre Holdings

What they do: Sabre, Inc. (TSG) is an American privately held travel technology company, made up of four overall business units—Sabre Airlines Solutions, Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Travelocity, and Sabre Travel Network. Sabre offers software to “travel agencies, corporations, travelers, airlines, hotels, car, rail, cruise and tour operator companies. Divisions within each of these groups also service the business or corporate travel market.” (Wikipedia, 2013)

The Business Challenge: “Sabre invested in developing data warehousing and business intelligence solutions to meet customer needs that provide timely marketplace and customer insights. These solutions have provided value-added offerings beyond Sabre’s traditional products, enabling the company to retain and grow its customer base while enabling its customers to improve their service offerings…. Sabre launched its data warehouse in early 2003, with four source systems for input. Sabre was using highly customized shell scripting in UNIX to load data into the warehouse and as the number of data sources continued to grow, this process was labor intensive and did not provide reusability for future products…. Sabre decided it needed a consolidated platform to quickly bring many new data sources into the warehouse—without requiring the technical know-how for each unique data source format.” (Oracle, 2010)


The Solution and its benefits: Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate. When the company first started using the Integrator, they had 3 applications that have grown to as many as 172 applications with an excess of 3000 application executions every day. Sabre handles approximately 200 million transactions each day through Oracle Data Integrator and 48 million daily transactions through Oracle GoldenGate. Sabre’s data warehouse environment holds 25...