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Ok, well to start off about myself im 19, married and my wife's name is Mackenzie. I consider myself to a humble guy who is dedicated to his wife and work as I love my profession and feel lucky to finally achieve my dream of becoming a United States Marine. I work hard and belive you get back only what you put in. Thats why I try my best everyday in the Marine Corps. I lived with mom for most of my childhood as my parents divorced when i was six years old. I learned a lot from being raised by a single mom. Most of my morals where gained by living on a farm and having to work for everything I wanted. I took on a lot of responsibilities as a kid. It helped me in the long run because it tought me to strive for what I want in life and what I want to achieve. I consider myself a motivater. I love having my title of a U.S. Marine, as I worked hard for my title and feel it was more than deserved. It has also help me set a boundry of and baseline of how I should go about the rest of my life and handle things in a professional manner that is rational and quick reacting. It has also help me get started financially with starting my life with my wife. Obviously we dont get the most money in the world but it is well earned money that keeps me and my wife stable enough to get by and enjoy the beginning of our life together. I do have a few hobbies. Like i said earlier I want to be the best I can be and strive for the top of the charts in being professional in job and my job requires you to be physically fit so I love to workout and keep improving on my strength to help me help my fellow marines as you never know what situations you will be faced with where you being strong depends on them making it or not. I love to box and I also dibble dabble in ground fighting also. I consider myself a martial arts enthusiest as I feel the discipline and skill that is required and retained from it are substancial benefits to you and your mind on what can...