Theorectical and Conceptual Framework

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Theoretical and Conceptual Framework- U04a1

Research Question: Do the inconsistencies of childcare policies affect the nurturing and overall development of children in early childhood?

The primary benefit from public regulation of the childcare and early education market is its help in ensuring children’s rights to care settings that protect them from harm and promote their healthy development. The importance of these rights is underlined by a growing body of research evidence that emphasize s the importance of children’s earliest experiences to their development and later learning (Center for the Future of Children, 1995; Hart & Risely , 2001; Bredekamp & Coppel, 2002; Kagan & Cohen, 1998). Emerging research on brain development indicates that the degree of responsive care-giving that children receive as infants & toddlers positively affects the connections between neurons in the brain, and the infrastructure of the brain itself (Newberger, 1997; Shore, 1997). Given the proportion of children who spend significant portions of their day in settings outside of their family, ensuring that these environments promote healthy development becomes increasingly important.

In this particular study, Bredekamp notes several references to the curriculum and assessment of early childhood policies and programs which are generally regulated by the National Association of the Education of Young Children. (NAEYC). Bredekamp’s earliest works will cite guidelines for curriculum and assessment that are needed to establish the stability and predictability in child development. For example, Bredekamp’s (1997) work titled “ Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs” (Washington, D.C: NAEYC), discusses the position of the NAEYC and

What is developmentally suitable practice birth through age eight. This information is considered to be a primary source for this learner’s proposal. Bredekamp has produced several works in collaboration...