Developing a Web Based Sales and Inventory System for Dugan Generics Pharmacy and Gen. Mdse

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Chapter 1

I. Title

Developing a Web Based Sales and Inventory System For Dugan Generics Pharmacy and Gen. Mdse

II. Background

In a Pharmacy business, different medicinal drugs are being utilized, dispense and sold to the public. As an owner of this business, one must have the responsibility to track and check every stocks of your product to fully distributed each of it for the consumers. The prices must be well maintained and set depending on the products quality. The Average sales must be track to identify a certain progress in business. Ensures that unnecessary problem should not arise when it comes to the distribution of stocks and supply. The owner must have the control in everything that is inside and outside of the business.

When it comes to the sales, access is very important especially to the public in need. Health is a priority for every person and medicinal drugs must be accessible to be distributed and sold effectively.

In case of Dugan Pharmacy, Productivity and quality is the key in a pharmaceutical business. In order to meet this demands, the business must be efficient in every possible way. This is where an Online based Sales and Inventory System comes in where it can be a way to be improve their current system functions and become a vital role in ensuring the productivity of business.

III. Statement of the Problem

In case of Dugan Generics Pharmacy and Gen. Mdse, their current system provider for the current inventory system lacks support. Whenever unexpected error occur in their system, the technician cannot be contact or maybe scheduled after a week. Due to this problem, not being able to use the current system can have minor or sometimes major impact in the business since the sales and progress will not be monitored and inventory will not be tracked if your products are almost depleted and empty. This could be a really big problem when it comes to ordering and purchasing their supply and products to restock. Average sales...