Migrant Worker in Dubai 2012

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Migrant worker in Dubai 2012

Hello, my name is Abrahem and I am from Cape Town, South Africa currently working in Dubai as an electrician. I repair airline headset uses by airline customers for an airline company named Emirates airline. I am single, with no children; I left my family back home in Cape Town 6 years ago at the age of 17 in an effort to help increase the quality of living for my mother, father, and two sisters. I earn a decent living in Dubai; I share a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 men whom I work with. I have gotten use to the noise from the ongoing construction here in Dubai. I miss my family back home but fear that if I do not stay humble to my employers here I will lose my job and without my support my family will go back to living in poverty conditions unsuitable for animals.

My days are the same here in Dubai I get up before dawn, bath, dress for work, fix the house a bowl of rice, eat, then walk to work. My roommates and I take turns cooking for the house in an effort to cut down on the resources we use. Each week we make a list of what is needed from the market and depending on whose turn it is that person will take the list and money to purchase food and household necessities. On most occasions I drink tea, eat vegetables, and rice and beans. My days consist of going to work and keeping a low profile not bringing an unwanted attention to myself. Dubai is a strict place to work for migrant workers such as myself. The darker side of Dubai is something that no man wants to know about. Large corporations in Dubai that hire migrant workers collect the passports of the workers as a controlling device to eliminate travel. It is important that we are not seen or heard sharing the secrets of Dubai and the action that o on here. I had a friend who was accused of misrepresenting Dubai and was fired the same day and sent home without his final pay.

There isn’t much to do here for entertainment unless you are a tourist. Every now and...