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Summrary Story of Stuff

Each product has its own story. As mentioned in the video " Story of stuff" by Annie Leonard. There is much to the cycle of things, besides made, consumed and recycled. And this story is often much longer than we can see at first glance. It begins in the cultivation of raw materials, going over the manufacture, distribution and our own consumption, and does not end in the domestic rubbish bin. The clear massage is: Our way to produce "stuff" is ill defined - it can't work, we living in an economy with a linear growth system on a planet with finit resources.

The perceptions people usually have of things in their mind are linear system consisting of extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal. She mentions that government and corporations are a part of the society, as well as people whether they work in factories, stores, consumers, and others. The 100 largest economies belong to governments and corporations, with the ratio of 49:51 having corporations’ more than half of it. The corporations get better than government and the government seems like working for the corporations. The beginning of the cycle is ‘Extraction’ where natural resources take place. The thing is that the natural resource is limited and it is getting exhausted as much and as fast as we use it. Statistically, Annie showed 1/3 natural resources is gone, in USA less than 1% of the forest is left while 45% of the water is drinkable.