Abortion Practices in Baguio

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A Thesis

Presented To

the Faculty of the University of Baguio

Baguio City

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of the Requirements for the Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Kurt Derick Lubos

Vera Angelique Mejia

Melvie Hua Shen Zhang

August 2012

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Abortion has always been a controversial matter in the Philippines. Issues concerning life and death always have a great impression to the society especially to the Christian countries. This research was then conducted to look over motives and explanations why certain people involve themselves to the act of abortion. This study also sought answers to the following questions: 1) What are the factors influencing a woman to undergo abortion? 2) What motivates an abortion practitioner to perform abortion? and 3) what are the health complications resulting to abortion along with the following aspects: a. Physical and b. Psychological?. One college student studying from one of the well-known universities in Baguio City, and who have experience illegal abortion was one of the respondents or interviewees. The researchers also set an appointment to the following interviewees: a Church Bishop, a Psychologist, the Commission on Population-CAR in order to gather necessary information relevant and essential to the study. The result of the study shows that abortion practices still exist in the community and a huge part of this action involves the younger generation. Strict implementation of the laws and programs from the different government agencies providing protection of rights of every individual and proper guidance from the family are important aspects to eliminate the act of illegal abortion in the country.

Key Words: Abortion Practices in Baguio City


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