Swot Analysis of the Coca Cola Company

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Swot analysis of Coca Cola Company

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SWOT analysis can be defined as a planning tool that is used to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are involved a company or a business. Let us apply SWOT analysis to consider the policy of a theoretical famous soft drinks company called Coca-Cola.


A company’s strengths are its possessions and abilities that provide it with a competitive benefit in the marketplace, and help it achieve its strategic goal. Coca-Cola Company has been intricate part of American society for many years. The reputable product's image is filled up with sappiness, and so this is a picture that many people all over the world have taken sincerely into their mind (Menon, A. et al. 1999). The Coke’s image has been found displayed on many fabrics like T-shirts, caps, and jackets. This enormously identifiable branding is one of the Coca-Cola's utmost strengths. . Some of the strengths may include: strong brand name, outsized number of flourishing drink trademarks, good status among its customers, low production cost and a big distribution connections. Additionally, their systems of bottling enable them to carry out production on a comprehensive level while upholding a domestic approach. Bottling corporations are owned and run by autonomous business people who are certified to trade Coca-Cola Company products. Since Coca cola do not have complete possession of its bottling system, its main source of income is the sale of production right to its bottlers.


Weaknesses include the qualities of a company that may avert it from realizing its strategic goal. Even though home businesses as well as many global markets are flourishing, Coca-Cola Company has lately reported some cry off in volumes in many countries like Indonesia and Thailand owing to declined consumer purchasing power. Coca cola’s weaknesses might include:...