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Vietnam has certainly made significant progress in its goal be active in the global economy. With help from the United States they have begun to embrace market principles and recognize they have the ability to grow and compete worldwide. Vietnam’s ultimate goal would be to move forward and become part of the World Trade Organization. For many years Vietnam was under Chinese Rule. Vietnam has struggled to find their identity and way of life. The culture in Vietnam is one that has many American and Chinese concepts. Their culture revolves around family and each decision made, is one that best supports the family. No individual is above the family in Vietnam. In the early twentieth century Vietnam became independent. Their independence has allowed them to be free and develop a culture under their own rule. Vietnam has faced many challenges; the largest was overcoming the Vietnam War. Many Americans have never looked at the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese perspective. The United States is well aware of the challenges it faced during the aftermath of the worst war in our history. As a Christian and an American has anyone ever taken the time to realize the pain Vietnamese people have gone through in result of the war and the way they are ruled? The effects of the war still show today in some parts of Vietnam. The war hurt the relationship between America and Vietnam, a relationship that is still being prepared after all these years. Vietnam is struggling to compete on the global scale. Vietnam is a unique place with traditions that go back a hundred years. Their economy is growing and people are making lives for themselves in Vietnam. The opportunities are growing for young people there and their country is expanding and becoming more powerful. Vietnam is extremely poor compared to most countries in the world. They do not have the resources Americans have nor do they have the opportunities of freedom that most Americans live with today....