Technology and Climate Change

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Technology and Climate Change

The world that we live in today has become very much advanced and dependent on technology. We hear or witness a new technology being invented that is supposed to make human life easier. There are many technologies that have changed our world for the better, but many others that have slowly pushed our world towards ruin. Technologies that were introduced and are still used in areas like the medical field have been able to save millions of lives. However, technologies that became the heart and soul of many big successful manufacturing corporations have been damaging our environment and ecosystem with their excessive greenhouse gases emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. Emitted on a larger scale, these gases ended up being one of the major causes of global climate change. Scientists and people concerned with this change have been trying to tackle this issue for a while now. However, people are divided in terms of how we can address this global climate change. According to the article “The Specter of Jevon’s Paradox”, author Jeff Dardozz believes these so called efficient technologies actually destroy our environment and we should discourage their use in order to prevent further environmental destruction. On the other hand, the author of the article “The Next Green Revolution”, Alex Steffen believes that new green technologies should actually be used as an answer to the current climate issues, not as a threat. Taking for granted and misusing the technologies have indeed gotten us to the current global climate change, and its associated environmental challenges cannot be addressed by significantly cutting down on the use of technology or by solely using new efficient technologies. Instead, it can be effectively addressed only with the commitment of all humans to make serious changes in the ways they use technologies in their daily lives.

We cannot deny the fact that excessive use of technology in almost all of our...