Amira, Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan, Magnificence

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SANTOS, Gabriel Eric D.

BsAc 2

“Incomparable, Irreplaceable and Unfathomable It Can Be”

God could not be everywhere and that is why He created mothers to protect their children. Amira by Mae Monteclaro Roca, Sa Ugoy ng Duyan composed by Lucio San Pedro which is sung by Lea Salonga and Magnificence by Estrella D. Alfon are three different literary pieces which climbs to the same summit. This apex that these three great Philippine Literature are trying to allow readers to digest is the unparalleled feeling of comfort and love that a mother can provide. All of the three pieces reached out to readers the main idea they would want us to have, which is the endless love that mothers could have to their children no matter what the circumstances are. It can be deduced from the pieces that mother’s would cross all boundaries to make their children be at ease.

Upon coming in contact with these great literary works, I came to realize that all of the things implied there are actually what my own mother is doing for me. In “Amira”, the way the mother shows how much she loved her child as she leaves the country to work abroad for the future of her child can be compared reciprocally to how my mother sacrificed her career just to take care of me and my younger sisters personally as she watch as grow up. The mother’s action to protect the exploitation of her child in “Magnificence” also shows how mothers think rationally on their actions that will yield the best results for the safety and welfare of their child. My mother’s protection towards me is also like this because she never wants me to get harmed by anyone or anything no matter what.

The theme I have just said about the literary pieces just proves my first statement that God created mothers to protect their children. Some might say that their mother is being too protective but they fail to understand that mothers know best and what their mother is doing for them is really for their own good. Marianne Williamson...