Swot Analysis of Maybank

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What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a planning exercise in which manager identify internal organization strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) and external environmental opportunity (O) and threat (T). To achieve the mission and goal, the strategy of SWOT analysis is used.


It is a well known bank where it have over 450 office in 14 countries, Maybank is ranked 153 among the world’s top 1000 banks, have 374 domestic branch and 90 international branch.

Correspodent banking relationship with 700 foreign banks through out the world. It also have diversity in product where they provide opening account, giving loan, cerdit cards, investment & insurance, and Islamic banking

Strong perfomance where it was listed second largest in Malaysia Stock Exchange and Bursa Malaysia and Maybank workforce come from a multifaceted background of skills, disciplines, experience and industry knowledge to create talented teams of idea generators. Their workforce is a diverse one to ensure deep appreciation of the intricacies and complexities of each client’s industry and business.


Inefficient Service and poor customer service, for example Maybank does not have bank systems be automated with built-in security features to verify their customer’s accounts and details without having to rely on a piece of physical paper with a signature. This would make customer harder to replace card or change account if go to different branch. This kind of service is totally unacceptable in today’s competitive world where time equals money. And it is sad to note that the biggest local bank is not even up to scratch on their services to their customers. Making every moment count is Maybank’s tagline but they certainly made my every moment count when it jus for a simple ATM replacement.

Have yo pay huge amount of money to stake where dividend payout ratio (of 60%) to the stakeholders. They set policy to pay dividend of 60% percent of their profit as...