Motivating Individuals to Learn and to Enhance Their Reading Skills Through Songs (Miles)

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I- Title

Motivating Individuals to Learn and to Enhance their reading skills through Songs (MILES)

II- Rationale

Inherent in the mandate of Philippine schools is to produce quality graduates. These schools design their curriculum and implement strategies in such a way that the best in every learner is shown, that their literacy will be fully implemented.

It is expected that the students who undertake formal education are good in reading are good in reading but it is also a fact that there are those who suffer from reading difficulties .This fact is evident in the way students are performing in the different classes in school. Much student’s work has been deterred by the poor performance o the students.

This situation is true to almost all schools , including Bayugan National Comprehensive High School, Bayugan Agusan del Sur. Results of the interviews and observation of classes conducted on July 2006 on reading interest of the students showed that most of them spent less time in reading. Their lack of interest in reading showed a poor performance during the Informal Reading Inventory which was conducted on the first month of classes in the school year 2006-2007.

What must be done? Appropriate teaching strategies and adequate reading activities in the hands of creative and skillful reading teachers will enable the slow readers to embrace the passion and love for reading. These teaching strategies and activities will eventually help them to develop their comprehension skills.

III- Objective

To develop a reading strategy through song to improve the reading comprehension skills of the students of Bayugan National Comprehensive High School.

IV- Presentation Plan



|OBJECTIVES |Activity No. |Time |Activity |Teacher |Students |

|1. Arrive at the meaning of...