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Coca Cola’s new challenge

I am so luck to be a newly hired product manager of the Coca Cola Corporate office, as we all know our market condition deteriorated dramatically with increased competition and reduced consumer spending. So it is an urgent time for us to analysis the status quo of Coca Cola and key competitors’ new development.

1. Status quo of Coca Cola

(A) Problem Definition

According to the survey that US market for soft drinks is in decline especially the carbonated drinks. Although the decline for Coca Cola is not very sharp, it is an alert for us that we must recognize the new situation and should develop our market strategy timely.

Clearly, we have much strength that we are the biggest beverages production company in the world, different kinds of flavor. And our brand value is highly popular; we introduce our brand and beverage to the world. People know us; love us, and even more like drinking our beverage.

However, we still have our weakness that the negative impact of the carbonated beverage itself, people more and more focus on healthy drinks and healthy living. Still market of carbonated drinks was saturated. Because of these factors, we have suffered a bottleneck in beverage industry.

Our competitors especially Pepsi, they have already focus their target on not only carbonated drinks but also non-carbonated drinks. For example, they merger with Quaker Oats Company, Gatorade, which is a healthy functional beverage, is still owned by Pepsi. Therefore, we should learn something from PepsiCo’s strategy.

(B) Decision Factors

(i) Alternative course of Action

We have a fierce competitive with Pepsi in the field of carbonated drinks and carbonated beverage are basically well developed and there is no further space for us to improve carbonated drinks.

Now more and more people give up carbonated beverage and begin to drink fruit juicy, pure water, functional beverages. So it is time for us to adapt the society and...