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Strawberries. This is the only place in the Philippines I know that grows this fruit, and when one speaks of Baguio (or La Trinidad), one would always speak of this fruit.

Fresh Vegetables. Since this is the coolest place in the country, the place had so many vegetables to offer. Among the veggies I love include broccoli, oyster mushrooms, and chayote tops.

Oh My Gulay! While in the subject of Baguio vegetables, Oh My Gulay! (Oh My Vegetables!) is not only a place to enjoy some nice snacks, it's also a sanctuary for art lovers.

Lengua de Gato. Sweet cookies that remind me of childhood.

Strawberry Taho. Taho is soft soybean pudding, and normally it is served with caramel and tapioca pearls. Here in Baguio, taho is served with fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup.

Macaroni-Shaped Chicharon. I wasn't able to take a picture of this one, but it's a type of junk food sold by ambulant vendors that is shaped like elbow macaroni. Whenever I am in Burnham Park, I'd always hope I'd see a vendor selling this so I can buy at least one serving.

Arharn Thai Kitchen. Located along Leonard Wood Rd., this is where I got to taste my first Thai food and I fell in love with it.

Peanut Brittle. Another well known Baguio food product. There are so many choices (the cheapest would have to be crushed peanuts mixed with caramel), but my favorite is the one made by Baguio Paradise, because the not only are the peanuts whole, they also use honey.

Good Shepherd Ube Jam. If you buy a bottle of Ube Jam (even if it is labeled "Good Shepherd") at the pasalubong shops, chances are it would be stale when you reach home. If you want to be sure you get the freshest jam (Ube by the way is purple yam), one must purchase it directly from the Good Shepherd Convent.

Sunshine Bakery. I do my own trips in Baguio, but at times I would be with my Aunt Julie and some cousins. If I would be with them, one thing we always do was to buy some bread at this bakery before we...