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Attendance Monitoring System

The attendance monitoring system provides registration and complete processing of the employees’ attendance, and can be interlinked to other information systems. It is intended for all organization types, ranging from state administration bodies to banks to industrial companies. Data is stored in an SQL server database (MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i, Sybase SQL Anywhere), allowing distributed data processing within a computer network.  Users can also utilize a thin client – the intranet application eKriváň, for attendance data processing (employees can use the application for attendance data viewing). The solution involves bi-directional interface to personnel and wage system.

Identification is carried out by means of attendance readers with a display and keypad (to enter flags such as business matter, medical appointment, holiday etc.), which are able to identify a person based on the identification element. A person is identified in the control software by being assigned a means of identification, which can be and ID card or biometric characteristic.

The software can be supplemented with a monitoring program, providing real-time on-line information on employee presence status.

The attendance system allows:

* monitoring of the employees’ presence at any moment

* individual configuration of work calendar for each employee

* calculation of actual hours of work and recording of overtime hours

* calculation of monthly total hours worked

* automatic calculations for late arrivals (due to business matters, medical appointments) or earlier leaves from work (working time interruption), assessment of half-day holiday leaves.

* recording, calculation and classification of working time interruptions (basic and additional interruptions) counting of interruptions (effect of an interruption on the working time) can be configured in the system easily

* monitoring of observance of breaks at work

* bulk data inputs...