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Netherlands Beer Market Insights 2013 - Research and Markets


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Netherlands Beer Market Insights 2013

Description: A detailed market research report on the Netherlands beer industry. Why was the report written? This report comprises of high level market research data on the Netherlands beer industry. The report covers total market (on- and off-premise) and includes valuable insight and analysis on beer market trends, brands, brewers, packaging, distribution channels, market valuation and pricing. What is the current market landscape and what is changing? Consumers have grown adventurous and a shift away from pilsner has become apparent with increasing interest in specialty beers slowly shaping the future Dutch market. What are the key drivers behind recent market changes? Brewers are trying their utmost to prevent a further decline through extensive and attractive, even aggressive, marketing campaigns. What makes this report unique and essential to read? The Netherlands Beer Market Insight report is designed for clients needing a quality in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Beer market. The report provides a much more granular and detailed data set than our competitors. All data has been researched, brand upwards, by an experienced ‘on-the-ground' industry analyst who conducts face-to-face interviews with key producers, leading companies in allied industries, distributors and retailers. Key Features and Benefits This report provides readers with an excellent way of gaining a thorough understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Netherlands Beer industry. Data includes volumes from 2008 to 2012 plus forecasts for 2013, enabling historical and current trend analysis. This report provides readers with in-depth market segmentation: mainstream, premium, super premium, discount, alcoholic strength, local...

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