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Introduce of company

Hangzhou arts and crafts Import and Export Company was established in June 1992, which is a professional design, production and sales of handicrafts’ trading company with the registered capital of 50 million Yuan. The main products of company include pottery, embroidery, woodcarving, and stone material handicraft. After many years of development, the company owned their brand and avoided purely rely on original equipment manufacturing (OEM). The brand of “Andstar” registers the trademark in China in 1999 that have domestic and international trademark registration, in the same year, the company begun to explore oversea market. In 2003, company opened research and development center, according to the current trend in fashion and foreign market demand,the designed products combine with a variety of material, shape, color and the processing technology, emphasize the function of beautiful appearance and practical use, make the brand possess lasting and strong vitality and creativity. In 2012, company entered into top 500 Enterprise in China and being China's most influential exporter in art and crafts. (Hangzhou arts&crafts I/E company, 2013)

Company’s business in other market

Handicrafts belong to the non-necessities of life and the consumption group directed mainly at the middle class and well off family, thus the marketing position of company is targeted at wealthy consumers. The average annual income in the United States are more than $30000, its consumption ability is strongest in the world, in addition, thus the United States has always the company's main export market on arts and crafts. Before 2003, Company's handicraft exports by "Chinese arts and crafts import and export corporation", or the purchasing agents to buy the products through domestic trade fairs, the company seldom to go abroad to sell products, that result in the style of products haven't changed much for many years, company lack of the cognition to the U.S. market, so...