Target Market Segment and Consumer Analysis

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Target Market Segment and Consumer Analysis

The target consumer market segment of SK-II Company is according to single segment concentration means only select one most profitable segment to target. Our main target segment is based on demographic factors which out of another three such as behavioral, psychographic as well as geographic. To be more specific, it is under demographic factor gender to target their market. Our company has target female as their target market segment and in this segment has break into few age range of female such as teenagers (age range between 13-19), young working adults (age range between 20-40) and women which age range between 41-55.

Based on our research on female teenagers who consume our product with a less amount compare to young working adults and women which above age of 41-55. Their usage rates are in light, medium and heavy. Teenagers automatically is the light usage group and less profitable, young working adults are most profitable group because of their heavy usage rate and last is senior women which is between the light and heavy, medium or average. In addition, we have chosen our target based on others criteria as well. The five criteria for choosing this segment are measurable, substantial, accessible, differentiable, and actionable.

Firstly, measurable state that all of the segments must can be measure in term of total size, buyer purchasing or decision making power, behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and others characteristic as well. (nptel, n.d.) Based on our company research say that the total size of female market segment are large enough for us to get in and most of the buyer have the power to make decision on purchasing our products compare to others segments.

Next, substantial defined as the market should be large enough to generate profit and have the potential to growth in future in term of help the company to generate revenue. (nptel, n.d.) Therefore, we believe that female segment have the...