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School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences

Rizal10 B4

School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences

Rizal10 B4

Mapúa Institute of Technology

Mapúa Institute of Technology

Name: Pocdol, Geff Lester G. Date: March 7, 2014

Course & Year: CESE-1 Prof: Bergado

Activity: Writing Task


Philosophies in Life |


PHILOSOPHY may be defined as the study and pursuit of facts which deal with the ultimate reality or causes of things as they affect life. The philosophy of a country like the Philippines is made up of the intricate and composite interrelationship of the life histories of its people; in other word, the philosophy of our nation would be strange and undefinable if we do not delve into the past tied up with the notable life experiences of the representative personalities of our nation. Being one of the prominent representatives of Filipino personalities, Jose Rizal is a fit subject whose life philosophy deserves to be recognized. Having been a victim of Spanish brutality early in his life in Calamba, Rizal had thus already formed the nucleus of an unfavourable opinion of Castillian imperialistic administration of his country and people. Pitiful social conditions existed in the Philippines as late as three centuries after his conquest in Spain, with agriculture, commerce, communications and education languishing under its most backward state. It was because of this social malady that social evils like inferiority complex, cowardice, timidity and false pride pervaded nationally and contributed to the decay of social life. This stimulated and shaped Rizal’s life philosophy to be to contain if not eliminate these social ills.

Educational Philosophy

Rizal’s concept of the importance of education is clearly enunciated in his...

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