Bibliography of Jose Rizal

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bibliography of jose rizal

Bibliography(JOSE RIZAL) | |

| |

|Bantug, Asuncion Lopez (1982). Lolo Jose: An intimate portrait of Rizal. Manila: Instramuros Administration. |

|Capino, Diosdado C., Gonzales, Ma. Minerva A. and Pineda, Filipinas. (1977). Rizal: Life, Works and Writings.  Quezon City. JMC Press. |

|Del Carmen, Vicente F. (1982). An Encyclopedic Collection (vol. 1). Quezon City: New Day Publications. |

|Dela Cruz, Virsely M. and Zulueta, Francisco. (1995). Rizal: Buhay at mga Kaisipan. Manila: National Book Store. |

|Guerrero, Leon Ma. (1998). The First Filipino. Philippines: Guerrero Publishing. |

|Montemayor, Teofilo M. (1996). Rizal Pictorial Calendar. Manila: National Historical Institute....

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