Philippine Literature

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Northeast Luzon Adventist College

Mabini Alicia, Isabela

A Compilation of Different Literary Pieces in the Philippines

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Course Literature of the Philippines

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Presented to Mrs. Janet C. Borromeo

April 28, 2014

Table of Contents

Synopsis of the Development of Philippine Literature in English

Forms of Literature and Writers


Short Stories


Concurrent Significant Historical and Literary Events in the Philippines

What is Philippine Literature

Provinces and Capitals of the Regions


Short Stories


The Development of Philippine Literature in English During Modern Period

For the first twenty years, many books were published…both in Filipino and in English.  Among the writers during this time were: Fred Ruiz Castro, Dominador I. Ilio, and C.B. Rigor.

                Some notable works of the period include the following:

                1.       HORIZONS LEAST (1967) – a collection of works by the professors of UE, mostly in English (short stories, essays, research papers, poem and drama) by Artemio Patacsil and Silverio Baltazar

The themes of most poems dealt with the usual love of nature, and of social and political problems.  Toribia Maño’s poems showed deep emotional intensity.

               2.       WHO SPOKE OF COURAGE IN HIS SLEEP – by NVM Gonzales

               3.        SPEAK NOT, SPEAK ALSO – by Conrado V. Pedroche

               4.        Other poets were Toribia Maño and Edith L. Tiempo

               5.       Jose Garcia Villa’s HAVE COME, AM HERE won acclaim both here and abroad.


                Longer and longer pieces were being written by writers of the period.  Stevan Javellana’s WITHOUT SEEING THE DAWN tells of the grim experiences of war during the Japanese Occupation.

*  1961, Kerima Polotan’s novel THE HAND OF THE ENEMY won the Stonehill Award...