Minit-Lube Case Study

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Minit-Lube Case Study

Minit Lube Mission as clearly stated on the case is to provide tune-ups, oil changes and lubrication service. In other words, preventive vehicles maintenance and interior cleaning to cars owned by individuals hopefully for less price, but with equal quality service provided by other mayor competitors.

Minit-Lube provides a competitive advantage in comparison to other businesses because they offer maintenance to cars, but with de advantage of better prices and faster services than other mayor car’s dealerships who charge an arm and leg for the same service. Mini-Lube is able to provide and be successful with this service by implementing Operation Management decisions as follow: Service Design: They provide Car’s maintenance in a fast pace environment by designing specifics service tasks when lubricating cars. The Quality Strategy: The Employers have limited and repetitive tasks to follow in order to provide maintenance service. Process and Capacity Design: Customers currently drive in into a clean building with trimmed landscaping in which customers feel comfortable while the company’s focus on doing its mission efficiently.

Location Strategy: I have experienced personally the service they provide in Connecticut at one of the sights that I happened to stop by on my way down to New York. The facility and I found was located at a near residential area where I was staying at the time. Layout Strategy: Minit- Lube can take around 2 to 3 cars simultaneity, lubrication and vacuuming tasks are done at the same time; this way they maintain the speedier service that they are known for. Human Resource Strategy: Few employees are hired and trained by the business School in which they are thought about the company’s mission, job specification’s task, duties and responsibilities each one play to the business and services they provide successfully daily. Supply Chain Strategy: I am very certain the company has done some research of the...