Trust and Listening

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Eric’s results on his trust assessment shows that his score is in the median range. Eric is either naive or has a little problem of trusting others. He has no trouble of trusting others but he is also mindful and very careful when doing so. He supported the assessment that most people will take advantage of others if they don’t pay attention of their surroundings and also convinced that human nature is someway cooperative in giving others a hand. There are times that most people will not lend a hand maybe because they are too busy taking care of their own business that business of others. Trust between each team members is important in reaching goals. In other words, when the level of trust is increased, a group is expected to experience superior group processes (e.g., higher levels of cooperation) and higher performance; when trust is decreased, a group is expected to experience inferior group processes and lower performance (Dirks & Ferrin, 2001).

As for Eric’s result on his listening assessment, his score was in the mid-forty’s. It explains that Eric does not normally pay attention to several conversations at the same time. He always pays attention to the speaker by giving the speaker his undivided attention and providing feedback immediately. Eric conveys his attention to the speaker and shows that he is listening by using body language such as gestures and facial expression. When Eric does not understand the meaning, he asks for clarification rather than guessing the statement.


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